touch! puzzle safari-Lite

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Touch! Puzzle Safari

New Version of Touch! Safari Series! of Daddy-made interesting application ‘Nice Daddy’!
It is an interesting animal puzzle, Touch! Puzzle safari!

★Touch! Puzzle safari! Putting animal puzzle together, Learning Korean & English word and Even Game!
-Designed to be handled by children from 3 to 6 ages, Touch! Puzzle safari is an exciting educational application for developing children’s concentration, language study and ingenuity while enjoying the puzzle.
-You can see your children’s remarkable concentration to put together different animal puzzles.
-See your children learning animals name both in Korean and English and copying animals’ action.
-Tick Tick! Who can first put the puzzle together in a strained time?
Enjoy happy time with your children playing game together!

Puzzle / It is designed to put together 25 different animal puzzles which is composed of 3 pieces
per animal, total 75 pieces. Based on the levels of children from 2~6 ages, 3 different levels are provided.
Language / Both Korean and English are provided for each animal. Japanese is scheduled to be
updated soon.
Animal Animation / You can see distinguished and interesting animal animation after putting all
puzzles together.
Game / It is a game to finish puzzle in a shorter time.
All family members can enjoy ranking competition with the game.

★Dongle Dongle Aniballs!
It is an interesting and creative illustrated character expressing various animals in the world as a ball.
It is a character developed for a long time to have preschoolers from 2~6 years of age enjoy learning and be familiar with animals.
We will launch various products with the character.

See your children amused putting the interesting animal puzzle together~
Daddy and Mommy can also enjoy puzzle game with your lovely children!